Elevating English Majors

English professor Gina Barreca, dubbed the “feminist humor maven” by Ms. Magazine has kept us laughing through 10 books from “I Used to Be Snow White But I Drifted” to “If You Lean In, Will Men just Look Down Your Blouse?” Her latest, though, invites others to the party.

Who is the Class of 2024?

Their admissions essays — submitted shortly before “Covid” and “pandemic” became part of our daily lexicon — reveal dreams undaunted.

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Our Defining Moments

These Huskies — students, staff, professors, doctors, nurses, and graduates new and old —are finding innovative ways to help us all navigate a global pandemic.

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Greener Greens

“We did all of this without rocket science,” says Richard Piacentini ’84 MS, of turning Phipps Conservatory into a model of green building. “It was all done with off-the-shelf technology. That’s what we need to show people, that it’s possible to do this.”

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Genetics for Justice

Anthropology professor Deborah Bolnick analyzes ancient DNA in a state-of-the-art Clean Lab in Storrs where her work is, among other things, helping to shed light on Native American histories.

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The Isis Terminator

“The intellectual rigor at UConn, in the political science program, really prepared me for everything from the Supreme Court to the White House to building up one of the largest counterterror coalitions in the world,” says Brett McGurk ’96 (CLAS).

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The Lilliputian Landscapes of Judy (Hall) Robinson-Cox ’71 (SFA) shine a spotlight on small.

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The Shape of Storrs

Geology professor Robert Thorson says UConn is UConn because glacial ice slid by 20,000 years ago and shaped the landscape that today includes our iconic Horsebarn Hill.

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Show Runner

Jenn Suozzo ’99 (CLAS) was named executive producer of “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” last fall. The former dancer says she directs each episode as if it were a ballet.

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The Fortunate Ones?

Unique among species, the horseshoe crab has persisted, unchanged, for hundreds of millions of years. But now, its survival is threatened by the harvesting of its prized baby-blue blood. A team at UConn seeks to map its DNA and save it from extinction.

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Master Class

Grammy-winning composer Kenneth Fuchs shares with students the lessons he’s learned from industry giants — and from his beloved high school band director.

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Team Impact

This national nonprofit matches children with serious and chronic illnesses with college athletic teams. UConn has the most pairings of any Division 1 school in the country.

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Photos and info on every one of the 650 student clubs and organizations at UConn. Just kidding — we highlight a dozen

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Where The Wild Things Are

Tracy Rittenhouse, associate professor of natural resources and the environment, knows just how many bears and bobcats could be lurking in your Connecticut backyard

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The Knockout Doctor

Ringside, cageside, in the bullpen, and on the field, Dr. Anthony Alessi is on a mission to save as many human brains as possible

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What’s Next

“My expectations are higher than those of the most delusional fan,” says men’s basketball coach Dan Hurley

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Hot or Trustworthy?

UConn Communications professors made waves with a study measuring how users of dating sites evaluate trustworthiness from potential dates’ photos.

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Going, Going, Gone…

Around the globe, on every continent, UConn professors are working to prevent species extinction in the face of escalating climate change.

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The Big Four for the Big Four

The UConn women’s basketball team made more than a little history this spring with their 82–51 win over Syracuse in the NCAA National Championship game.

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Black Hats, Cyber Bots, Zombies, and You

Cyberattacks come in all shapes and sizes and expert say it’s just a matter of time before they pose real threats to each of us. Fortunately, this crack team of cybersecurity specialists is working to protect our information.

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Rock On

Robert M. Thorson is crazy about stone walls. He spent years trying to dig up proof that former University president Homer Babbidge shared that love — and along the way found evidence of UConn’s first recorded student protests.

50 Years of the Benton

In honor of The Benton’s anniversary, we present highlights from favorite visiting exhibitions and examples of pieces added to the permanent collection, one for each year from 1967 to 2016.

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The Art of Muckraking

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalism professor Mike Stanton teaches tried-and-true “shoe leather” investigative journalism. He hopes students will turn his skill set into new-medium magic.

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A Little Push

What those Swing Journals by Mirror Lake are all about — from professions of love to the eating habits of those ubiquitous ducks.

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Keys to the Kingdom

See and hear our new Steinways and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Steinway factory.

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Show Him the Money

Three Decades ago he played for Coach Calhoun. Today Greg Economou ’88 (CLAS) is a major Hollywood player. Many of the same principles apply.

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New Research Proves That Some Kids “Grow Out” Of Their Autism Symptoms

New Research Proves That Some Kids “Grow Out” of Their Autism Symptoms Scientists at UConn are using a high-tech fMRI system to figure out how — and why. By Elaina HancockPhotographs By Peter Morenus Inge-Marie Eigsti, associate professor of psychology, with the fMRI — functional magnetic resonance imaging — system. New Research Proves That Some […]

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Mission to Mars

Imagine traveling for three years and 500 million miles with five strangers, no rest stops, and no chance to get away from one another — and just to keep you on your toes, you could die any minute.

The Real McCoys

Producing a film about rumrunner Bill McCoy led these married alums to make and market a Prohibition-style rum that’s the real McCoy.

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The Small Price of Survival

With just a little knowledge and some very basic equipment, most sudden deaths in young athletes can be prevented. “How you respond in the first 10 minutes of a catastrophic incident is often the difference between life and death,” says Casa.

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A Cuban Exchange

Biostatistics professor Tania Huedo-Medina is working with medical professionals in Cuba to better the health prevention strategies in both our countries.

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Free to Be Imperfect

A beloved doctor’s patients convince him to move to UConn Health — where he plans to cure a rare liver disease.

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