Designing a Take-2 Career

Tips for designing a serene space — and a new profession — from exec-turned-interior designer Jeanne Collins ’05 MBA.

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McMahon on a Mission

Study abroad in Spain his junior year led to Matt McMahon’s job running the Sports Diplomacy Division at the U.S. State Department.

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Paper Work

As the university archivist at Eastern Connecticut State University, Tara Ludlow Hurt ’94 (CLAS) does the dirty work of rescuing centuries-old documents for posterity.

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Everything’s Coming up Rosé

Two of the things Michael Connery ’75 JD likes most about his second-chapter vocation as a vineyard owner are the view and “that sense of creating something tangible.”

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Why does everyone — count Lil Nas X, Matt Damon, Alicia Keys, and Penny Hardaway — want to shop for sneakers with Joe La Puma?

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Tenacious 2

Former UConn athletes and roommates focus their competitive streaks on the franchise business world.

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It’s Cool

Only a cool mom could get her son a FaceTime with comedian Joe Gatto.

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Eat Your Words

English Professor Emerita Lynn Z. Bloom goes deep on recipes and shares her own, for the best blueberry pie.

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All Roads Lead Home

A storied Spanish hiking trail delivers a full-circle moment for ’90s alum Alex Chang and some lucky current students. “On the Camino, everyone writes their own story,” says Chang.

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The Right Man for the Job

If you want to be a leader, you need to think like one, says Greg Lewis ’91 (BUS), senior vice president and CFO of Honeywell.

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Making Money

Wondering how to get started with stock-market investing? Motley Fool writer Brian Feroldi ’04 (BUS) has you covered.

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Be Our Guest

Kate Copeland ’15 (MBA), UConn’s assistant director of University Events and Conference Services, was named 2021 Member of the Year by Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

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Bee Good

A true entrepreneur, School of Engineering second year Raina Jain started working on the next big thing while perfecting her first one, the bee-saving HiveGuard.

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Our American Girls

What do you do with a history doctorate and a pop culture obsession? If you’re these two alums, you create a hit podcast centering on ’90s nostalgia.

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Uphill Battles

Growing up in Jamaica, Rohan Freeman could not have envisioned himself as an engineer, re-creating the Hartford landscape. And he certainly could not have seen himself as the first Black American to climb the Seven Summits.

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Live from Boston

“It’s my job, as an individual and as a journalist, to find stories that matter.”

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Eau de Herring

Kimberly Grendzinski ’16 (CAHNR) begins every workday at NYC’s Central Park Zoo fending off a mob of hungry mob of heckling penguins.

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Coffee and Cubanos

Breno Donatti ’14 (BGS) found a way to feed his neighbors and boost his restaurant business.

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Playing Through

“You can’t plan for years like 2020,” says Meghan Hall ’08 (CLAS), the Lego Group’s senior director of digital marketing in the Americas.

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Old-School Soda

Bill Potvin ’69 (CAHNR), ’75 MS is the flavorist and more at Hosmer Mountain Soda.

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Hot Dog!

Gabriella Medvick ’18 (SFA), was one of the 12 lucky hotdoggers hired to cruise the 27-foot-long bright yellow and orange Oscar Mayer Wienermobile cross country for the past year.

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The Art of Muckraking

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalism professor Mike Stanton teaches tried-and-true “shoe leather” investigative journalism. He hopes students will turn his skill set into new-medium magic.

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Show Him the Money

Three Decades ago he played for Coach Calhoun. Today Greg Economou ’88 (CLAS) is a major Hollywood player. Many of the same principles apply.

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Walk This Way

Maggie Quackenbush ’17 (BUS) jumped at the offer of a job at Sony Music as an opportunity to leverage her degree in management information systems.

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Olivia Balsinger

At 24, Olivia Balsinger ’14 (CLAS) has a passport with 75 nation stamps in it and an office that spans the planet.

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Dispatches from Afar

An agriculture student shares his adventures with the creatures of New Zealand and a recent environmental science grad recounts his Cape Canaveral NASA adventure.

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