Old-School Soda

Bill Potvin ’69 (CAHNR), ’75 MS is the flavorist and more at Hosmer Mountain Soda.

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Hot Dog!

Gabriella Medvick ’18 (SFA), was one of the 12 lucky hotdoggers hired to cruise the 27-foot-long bright yellow and orange Oscar Mayer Wienermobile cross country for the past year.

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The Art of Muckraking

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalism professor Mike Stanton teaches tried-and-true “shoe leather” investigative journalism. He hopes students will turn his skill set into new-medium magic.

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Show Him the Money

Three Decades ago he played for Coach Calhoun. Today Greg Economou ’88 (CLAS) is a major Hollywood player. Many of the same principles apply.

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Walk This Way

Maggie Quackenbush ’17 (BUS) jumped at the offer of a job at Sony Music as an opportunity to leverage her degree in management information systems.

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Olivia Balsinger

At 24, Olivia Balsinger ’14 (CLAS) has a passport with 75 nation stamps in it and an office that spans the planet.

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Dispatches from Afar

An agriculture student shares his adventures with the creatures of New Zealand and a recent environmental science grad recounts his Cape Canaveral NASA adventure.

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