Star Power

How a team of employees, students, researchers, an alum, and an elite telescope builder brought an important piece of research equipment — and UConn history — back to life.

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The Anatomy of a Fruit Fly

Two professors and a grad student devise a class to help students get the wet lab experience they need for grad school — with an assist from the mighty fruit fly.

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Eye Candy

Bet you can’t guess the subject of these colorized macroscopic shots …

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Period Pieces

View our astonishing images of some of the mini element collections being housed in a new Chemistry Building periodic table display.

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Engineering to Offer Robotics Major

Next fall, prospective and existing UConn students will be able to declare majors in robotics engineering and UConn will become only the second research-intensive university in the U.S. to offer the specific major.

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Golden Eggs

Kumar Venkitanarayanan wants to feed the world — with chickens raised without antibiotics. His chance for success increased this August when the USDA awarded his project $10 million.

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Abby Beissinger, Plant Detective

Farmers and gardeners bring, mail, and post samples of their sick plants to Beissinger who often drills down to a cellular level to make a diagnosis.

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Remember Jerry & Amy

The road to the UConn Dairy Bar is the perfect place for a tribute to Jerry Yang and Amy, the first cloned farm animal in the U.S.

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Building a Better Race Car

What’s the best part of being a member of UConn’s Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE)? For many it’s a day in mid-July.

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A UConn Engineer is Helping Nasa Get to Alpha Centauri — and Beyond

Story from UConn Today In Development A UConn Engineer is Helping Nasa Get to Alpha Centauri — and Beyond Exploring beyond our solar system requires traveling enormous distances. The nearest star system to ours — Alpha Centauri — is 4.37 light years away, or 25 trillion miles; and distant star systems will take hundreds or […]

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