Period Pieces

View our astonishing images of some of the mini element collections being housed in a new Chemistry Building periodic table display.

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Engineering to Offer Robotics Major

Next fall, prospective and existing UConn students will be able to declare majors in robotics engineering and UConn will become only the second research-intensive university in the U.S. to offer the specific major.

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Golden Eggs

Kumar Venkitanarayanan wants to feed the world — with chickens raised without antibiotics. His chance for success increased this August when the USDA awarded his project $10 million.

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Abby Beissinger, Plant Detective

Farmers and gardeners bring, mail, and post samples of their sick plants to Beissinger who often drills down to a cellular level to make a diagnosis.

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Remember Jerry & Amy

The road to the UConn Dairy Bar is the perfect place for a tribute to Jerry Yang and Amy, the first cloned farm animal in the U.S.

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Building a Better Race Car

What’s the best part of being a member of UConn’s Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE)? For many it’s a day in mid-July.

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A UConn Engineer is Helping Nasa Get to Alpha Centauri — and Beyond

Story from UConn Today In Development A UConn Engineer is Helping Nasa Get to Alpha Centauri — and Beyond Exploring beyond our solar system requires traveling enormous distances. The nearest star system to ours — Alpha Centauri — is 4.37 light years away, or 25 trillion miles; and distant star systems will take hundreds or thousands of years to reach, even in the best of circumstances. So scientists who want to send unmanned probes to another star system must create some innovative technologies that can outlive them. UConn researcher in the School of Engineering Seok-Woo Lee, who recently received an […]

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