As you’d expect of an institution that got its start in 1881, UConn has its fair share of curiosities — quirky corners and obscure objects that have accumulated a wealth of stories over the years. Call it “Hidden UConn,” because most of these charming oddities are often overlooked during the daily bustle of a great university, even if some are right in front of our noses. Can you name the whats and wheres of these peculiar facets that make UConn Storrs unique?

By Tom Breen ’00 (CLAS) | Photos by Peter Morenus


  1. Ahh, Husky Hill (pic#5) as we called it back when we had a varsity ski team at UConn… I remember running down the hill during dry land training every fall afternoon before the snow flew… and then carrying one of my team mates back up the hill on my back.. we actually trained there periodically when it snowed…. doesn’t look to be an option these days based on the trees that took over…

  2. I enjoyed this article. I wish had known some of these things existed in ’64 – ’68 ! Delta Zeta here’s to thee !!

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