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Letters – Spring 2019

The cover of UConn Magazine's fall 2018 issue

Lots of “love” for lots of stories on social media. And, speaking of love, it’s always nice when those who are supposed to be our biggest fans really are our biggest fans: Thanks Alan Rousseau, aka Dan’s younger brother, for posting on our story about your big brother’s Hollywood lighting career. It is indeed “awesome and interesting.”

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Graduating with a C.E.O.

LOVE @tenacityjeans! I have the both the blue jeans and black jeans. They are my go-to favorite jeans.

Samantha Eisenberg ’12 (CLAS),’15 (ED); Fairfield, Conn., via Instagram

I love this [Lactation Innovation]! I had no clue how much my daughter was consuming when I was nursing and I felt so lost. Excellent idea.

Rachel Lyke ’07 (CLAS), Hillsborough, N.J., via Instagram

Awesome [Lactation Innovation]! In the old days, we would weigh a baby on a sensitive breastfeeding scale, then nurse them, then re-weigh them, old school.

Pam Jenkins Parish Pace, Bridgewater, Mass., via Instagram

I love these CEO stories! Would love to see them come to life with a networking event with current students.

Anny D, mom of UConn sophomore
Saunderstown, R.I., via Instagram

The Fight for Physical Literacy

I agree wholeheartedly — children need more movement. I squeeze in movement whenever I can, but time is tight. When pressure to perform well on high-stakes testing (as well as multiple district benchmark assessments) is alleviated, I think you’ll see more teachers jumping on the physical literacy bandwagon — it’s fun for us, too! DiStefano is on the right track encouraging families to take more responsibility for physical literacy — home is where it all begins!

Carrie Strayer ’13 (ED), Bainbridge Island, Wash., via our website

Coach Hurley

Love the article on Coach Hurley! It was inspiring and motivating to die hard UConn b-ball fans. Thank you.

Beth Kelly, Old Lyme, Conn., via e-mail

Looking forward to his making it happen!

John Gluchowski Jr., via Facebook

Kimberly Bergendahl

Love Professor Bergendahl! She’s a treasure to the UConn political science department.

Mark Sargent, ’15 (CLAS), North Greenbush, N.Y., via Instagram

An icon and a legend. The best professor and mentor anyone could ask for!

Diana Bibb ’18 (CLAS), Harrington Park, N.J., via Instagram

Job Envy: Erin Perrine

UConn putting a conservative in the spotlight — cherish it while you can.

Matt Holmes, ’18 (BUS), Granby, Conn., via Instagram

Tom’s Trivia

I was a Blue Legionnaire, the “arresting” force for the Black Triumvirate, scouring campus during orientation for “culprits” who were tried onstage by the BT. The major crime was not wearing the freshman beanie. Sentences may have involved whipped cream during trial on a raised platform.

Ray E. Burrington ’73 (CLAS), Manchester, Conn., via our website

Welcome Back Jamelle Elliot

Class act — back where she belongs. Lucky us!

Marie Wuerch, via Facebook


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