Sticking with It

illustration of woman exercising

Keith Worts ’88 MA knows how to stick with it. The “it” being exercise. Worts is president of Crunch Signature — you know Crunch Fitness, the “no judgments” folks.

“People need to start off at a comfortable pace,” says Worts. “That probably means starting off with cardiovascular exercise like walking. Begin with 20 minutes a day to gently ease yourself into it. And that is exercise. Just as importantly, pick a time of day that will allow you to fall into a routine. For many people, that’s early morning. I think as the day continues, the responsibilities increase and the likelihood of you not feeling there’s time can grow. But remember, you don’t have to start with so much. With small improvements, you have small wins. Keeping it positive helps keep it going.”

And he knows how tough it can be. With more than 350 locations and 3,000-plus employees to look after, it can be hard for even Worts to find time for the gym. But when he struggles, he reminds himself that this is a part of his life, not something to do when he’s not living his life.

“Even as we’re talking,” he says, “I just got through with a run. And it makes me feel better. It’s easy to forget the positives of exercise when you’re staring it down and you could be doing something else on your long list. But you have to remember all the good it does for you. If you fall off for weeks, remind yourself of how exercise made you feel good.”

To those who have never exercised much, Worts reminds that you don’t have to wait for a New Year’s resolution, a new month, even a new day. “Any time is a great time to start. And it can start with a walk.”

By Eric Butterman


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