Monopoly Busters

Daniel Hanley ’12 (BUS), ’19 JD and Jackie Filson ’16 (CLAS) lead a growing anti-monopoly movement at the Open Markets Institute in D.C.

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Timothy Barnett ’86 (CLAS) is helping the incarcerated get their college degrees.

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The Key of Life

“I didn’t realize research could be going out and gathering people’s stories,” says singer Brianna Chance ’23 (SFA).

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In Fashion

Ahmed Diakhate ’23 (BUS) created and donated 250 face masks to frontline health care workers.

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The Husky Ticket Project

Despite living in New York City for the past five years, true fans Kevin Solomon ’14 (BUS), Jeremy Longobardi ’12 (BUS), and Kevin Kortsep ’12 (BUS) have made it a mission to keep supporting UConn Nation.