Paper Work

As the university archivist at Eastern Connecticut State University, Tara Ludlow Hurt ’94 (CLAS) does the dirty work of rescuing centuries-old documents for posterity.

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Everything’s Coming up Rosé

Two of the things Michael Connery ’75 JD likes most about his second-chapter vocation as a vineyard owner are the view and “that sense of creating something tangible.”

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Out of the Minds of Babes

Cute kids, brilliant scientists, and exciting trips bring joy for Amanda Yagan ’21 (CLAS) at the Advanced Baby Imaging Lab.

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So Handsome

When LaShawnda Phillips (RHSA ’20, CAHNR ’22) first moved to her neighborhood in Hartford at age 13, she set out to do some exploring. She found horses.

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Olympic Flag Bearer

On the way to winning a historic fifth Olympic gold medal, Sue Bird ’02 (CLAS) was voted by fellow Team USA athletes to be the delegation’s flag bearer for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

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Nightclub Confidential

Matt Smith ’92 (CLAS) was in trouble. He had a full house, it was approaching 9 p.m., and he still hadn’t heard from his headliner.

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Taekwondo master Daniel Andrew Chasse ’85 (SFA) teaches classes designed for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

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Eau de Herring

Kimberly Grendzinski ’16 (CAHNR) begins every workday at NYC’s Central Park Zoo fending off a mob of hungry mob of heckling penguins.

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Local Hero

Louis Goffinet ’17 (CLAS) offered in a Facebook post to shop for elderly neighbors. Two months later he was still shopping, and overseeing a $30,000 Neighbors Grocery Fund.

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Hot Dog!

Gabriella Medvick ’18 (SFA), was one of the 12 lucky hotdoggers hired to cruise the 27-foot-long bright yellow and orange Oscar Mayer Wienermobile cross country for the past year.

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Courtside Manner

“The irony is I’m not a sports fan,” says Brian McKeon ’88 (CLAS) about his work as chief medical officer and team physician for the Boston Celtics.

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Olivia Balsinger

At 24, Olivia Balsinger ’14 (CLAS) has a passport with 75 nation stamps in it and an office that spans the planet.

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