On the Money

Janet Yellen and Lynn Malerba ’08 MPA make history as the first female Treasury Secretary and first Indigenous U.S. Treasurer with their signatures on the currency.

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It’s Cool

Only a cool mom could get her son a FaceTime with comedian Joe Gatto.

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Forever Young

There’s something about connecting with your college friends that just makes you feel 18 again.

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The Best

As he looks ahead to retirement, UConn Magazine’s former editor Ken Best looks back on some memorable stories and interviews.

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He helps them improve their interviewing, reporting, writing, and photography skills. In turn, says professor Scott Wallace, his students remind him how much the profession of journalism matters.

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Just Listen

When we started working on this issue, magazine production was business as usual, and the world felt somewhat normal. Of course, it wasn’t.

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Remember Jerry & Amy

The road to the UConn Dairy Bar is the perfect place for a tribute to Jerry Yang and Amy, the first cloned farm animal in the U.S.

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Local Heroes

Peter Morenus is the magazine’s photographer. But that job title doesn’t even begin to cover his secret-weapon status here. He seems to know everyone on campus, and can tell us exactly where anything is and what it will look like before we get there.

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From the Editor

Confession: I enjoy watching many sports and playing far fewer, but I must admit to some unattractive internal smirking whenever members of my cheering section start high-fiving and chest-bumping and yelling, “We did it!”

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