This issue of UConn Magazine is not just a tribute to Geno Auriemma and Chris Dailey ’99 MA in their 35th year coaching at UConn — though it is assuredly that. It’s also a gift to all of you who write or call to ask why we don’t cover the amazing UConn women’s basketball program more than we do. In addition to the cover story that begins on page 16, please see a profile of current Husky Batouly Camara ’19 (ED) ’20 MA and a quick visit with former player and current CEO of The Sugar Association, Courtney Gaine ’00 (CAHNR) ’05 Ph.D..

The short, but not at all flippant, answer to why we don’t cover the decidedly amazing UConn Women’s Basketball program more is: too many stories, too few pages. It’s not just women’s basketball. I wish I could share every story — or almost every story — that crosses my desk about UConn faculty, staff, students, athletes, and alums. Instead, my colleagues and I do our best to make sure every issue has a little something for each of you, no matter what your degree is in or what year you graduated, whether you attend every Husky game or never have, never will.

To be sure, an embarrassment of riches in the realm of potential storytelling is a good problem to have. And it is helpful to hear from readers about topics you’d like to see more or less of. So please let us know, by writing me at or by posting comments on our stories. We are always happy to get feedback — good, bad, even ugly (just keep it civil please). In particular, on this issue, we’d love to hear about all the former players of Coach and CD you think we should have covered who we did not have room to include this time. We know those stories could easily fill a book.

And, to be sure, in just the realm of all of UConn Athletics we could find enough worthy stories to fill our pages. An obvious example is the field hockey team. Even as we were trying to narrow down the number of women’s basketball players we could cover in this issue, UConn’s other Hall of Fame coach and the winningest NCAA Division 1 field hockey coach of all time Nancy Stevens (above, center in photo collage with Auriemma and Dailey) and her 2019 field hockey team had just captured its eighth consecutive Big East tournament title.

Too many stories, too few pages indeed.

Lisa T. Stiepock

Digital Collage by Neil Jamieson


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