Bonds formed on campus are hard to break. These UConn friendships withstand the test of time.

Categories: The University

Ice Ice Baby

Find out why Luke Adams ’20 (CLAS) is standing barefoot atop this glacier in Greenland — and where he went from there.

Categories: Environment

Rise Up

A sociology graduate, Larkin-Wells honed her abilities as a breadmaker through UConn’s Sustainable Community Food Systems minor — a unique and intensive interdisciplinary program that combines theory and practice through service learning and hands-on experience with community partners.

Categories: Community Impact

Coffee and Cubanos

Breno Donatti ’14 (BGS) found a way to feed his neighbors and boost his restaurant business.

Categories: Business

We Are the Champions

“Curiosity is key” is the motto that took Ben Curtis ’06 (CLAS) from interning with the New York Yankees his senior year to celebrating at the Oscars.

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