Molly vs. Dyslexia

Krista Weltner shares her series of picture book about a girl named Molly

Inspired by her childhood struggles with dyslexia, Krista Weltner ’16 MFA wrote and illustrated a picture book series about a girl named Molly who comes to terms with her dyslexia.

Using storytelling techniques she developed in UConn’s Puppetry Arts program, Weltner shows Molly conversing with her personified dyslexia, a bumpy purple character named Lexi. During the three-part series, she discovers her diagnosis and learns how to advocate for herself.

“When I was a kid, my dyslexia was something that I really did not like about myself,” Weltner says. “I felt isolated, anxious, and ashamed of myself. I felt very different and stupid. A lot of dyslexic people have a normal to above-average intelligence but often struggle with a fear they will be judged as stupid or less than. I hope that these books will help children who are going through it right now.”

“Everyday Adventures with Molly and Dyslexia” is meant to be a teaching tool to help children examine their relationship with their learning differences.

“The most impactful, profound part of a dyslexic person’s life is those vital years in elementary school when they are learning to read and write,” says Weltner. “I would like these books to support the emotional, often overlooked, side of growing up with dyslexia.”

Weltner, who lives in Orlando, Florida, is also a puppet maker and filmmaker and has worked on two feature-length, stop-motion films, including “Wendell and Wild” by Netflix Studios.

By Grace Merritt


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