Cover of UConn Magazine featuring the 2023 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship trophy.
illustration of UConn as the basketball center of the world. Inside the illustration are whimsical creatures made of basketballs that you would see in an old school map.
UConn Magazine cover featuring a photo of a hand wearing five UConn Men's Basketball championship rings, one for each finger.
UConn Magazine cover featuring a whimsical illustration of a basketball globe spinning on a fingertip. UConn campus is in the background.
UConn Magazine cover featuring an illustration of a cut net, with the strings of the net forming a DNA sequence. In the bottom left corner it reads "It's in our DNA".

Which Cover Did You Score?

We were so excited to celebrate our 5th men’s basketball title — and 16th basketball championship overall since 1995 — that we randomly distributed 5 commemorative covers to our readers.

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