We Are the Champions

Curtis (right) with Malek, aka Freddie Mercury. holding an Oscar

Photo courtesy of Ben Curtis ’06 (CLAS)

Curtis (right) with Malek, aka Freddie Mercury.

“Curiosity is key” is the motto that took Ben Curtis ’06 (CLAS) from interning with the New York Yankees his senior year to celebrating at the Oscars this year. As president of Daylight Holdings in L.A., he manages celebrities, including Rami Malek. He says he first noticed Malek on HBO’s “The Pacific” and later guided him to lead roles in “Mr.Robot” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Seeing his client win Best Actor for playing Freddie Mercury in “Rhapsody” was like reaching the top of the mountain, Curtis says. “The highlight of the night was right after he won when his agent and I ran backstage. We were all hugging and crying for a couple minutes — it was surreal. And of course that all led to staying out celebrating until 5 a.m.”

By Camila Vallejo ’19 (CLAS)


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