Happy Birthday, Hip-Hop

History professor and hip-hop scholar Jeffrey Ogbar marks the genre’s 50th anniversary with a spin on “3 books,” sharing one classic, one favorite, and one essential rap album.

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Scribbling in the Margins

What books are providing inspiration to Fany DeJesús Hannon ’08 MA, Interim Dean of Students and former PRLACC director, lately? Find out here.

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The Book Juggler

Management professor Nora Madjar, whose recent research confirmed assumptions that women pay a higher career price for remote-work interruptions than their male counterparts, is trying to find a balance like the rest of us, including in her reading.

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3 Books with Stephen Slota

A triple alum and double professor Stephen Slota ’07 (CLAS), ’08 MA, ’14 Ph.D. specializes in educational game development and says his voracious childhood reading of science fiction and comics molded him into “the kind of adult who proudly displays Legos as art.”

3 Books with Yiming Qian

The finance professor says she likes to read about people and stories related to her field because it puts a face to the things she is teaching in the classroom.

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3 Books with Mo Cotton Kelly

Montique “Mo” Cotton Kelly says she never tires of the joy that “cracking open a new book, smelling it, and turning the pages” brings her.

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