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Dear Freshmen:

This spring’s graduates shared advice with the incoming Husky Class of 2022 in a series of videos called “Dear Freshmen.” They shared favorite places on campus, best food and dining halls, ways to maximize academic potential ­ and get a professor’s ear when needed, how to find a good roommate, and so much more.

Frank Amaefuna ’18 (CLAS)

Frank Amaefuna ’18 (CLAS); molecular & cell biology

Living with a roommate: “Of course I looked them up on Facebook, but I didn’t try to draw assumptions. It might turn out that this person is your best friend for the rest of your life.”

Danni Dong ’18 (CLAS)

Danni Dong ’18 (CLAS); psychological sciences

Maxing out academics: “Show up to office hours. Perseverance will get you a long way. And that applies to everything else, like showing up to a club that you’ve never been to before or applying for a competitive program. It’s never easy. Just do it.”

Sean Palzere ’18 (ED)

Sean Palzere ’18 (ED); elementary education

If I could give you one piece of advice: “Dive in headfirst.”

Taylor Mayes ’18 (CLAS)

Taylor Mayes ’18 (CLAS); environmental studies and political science

Maxing out academics: “I know this is kind of corny, but I would say pick a major that you’re passionate about. If it’s art, if it’s design, if it’s things around social justice and humanities, even if it seems like you’re not going to make money, I promise you that you will be where you need to be because your passions will take you.”

Austin Barrett ’18 (BUS)

Austin Barrett ’18 (BUS); accounting

If I could give you one piece of advice: “Stay away from Netflix! Do Huskython. Do Oozeball. Go out and meet new people because you only have 13 weeks per semester. College flies!”

Natalia Gutierrez ’18 (ENG)

Natalia Gutierrez ’18 (ENG); computer science and engineering

I couldn’t survive without: “The app.” [myUConn]


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