Our 17th President

Radenka Maric, an acclaimed innovator in clean energy technology whose leadership as a vice president helped propel UConn to new heights in research funding, was appointed president by the Board of Trustees on Sept. 28 after a national search.

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New Swing Tree Garden

Swan Lake’s new Swing Tree Garden is a tribute to the beloved Mirror Lake Swing Tree which, in failing health at age 70, was felled in 2019.

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Engineering to Offer Robotics Major

Next fall, prospective and existing UConn students will be able to declare majors in robotics engineering and UConn will become only the second research-intensive university in the U.S. to offer the specific major.

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A Higher Minimum Wage Could Mean a Lower Rate of Child Neglect

Story from UConn Today This Just in A Higher Minimum Wage Could Mean a Lower Rate of Child Neglect Peter Morenus Kerri M. Raissian, an assistant professor of public policy in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, conducts research focused on child and family policy, with an emphasis on understanding how polices affect fertility, family formation, and family violence. She previously spent 10 years working with children and families in the public and nonprofit sectors. Earlier this year, she and her colleague Lindsey Rose Bullinger of Indiana University, published their study, “Money matters: Does the minimum wage affect children […]

Are E-Cigs Just as Bad as Tobacco?

Story from UConn Today This Just In Are E-Cigs Just as Bad as Tobacco? Kadimisetty with the 3-D printed sample chamber of his genetic toxicity testing device. A study by chemists at the University of Connecticut offers new evidence that electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are potentially as harmful as tobacco cigarettes. Using a new low-cost, 3-D printed testing device, UConn researchers found that e-cigarettes loaded with a nicotine-based liquid are potentially as harmful as unfiltered cigarettes when it comes to causing DNA damage. The researchers also found that vapor from non-nicotine e-cigarettes caused as much DNA damage as filtered cigarettes, […]

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These Black Bears Choose Suburbia

Story from UConn Today This Just In These Black Bears Choose Suburbia UConn wildlife biologists tracking Connecticut’s growing black bear population say housing density is the most significant factor influencing where the bears are choosing to live and roam. New data shows that the state’s black bear population is highest in the state’s outermost suburbs. These exurban areas are attractive to bears because they provide both the refuge of large hardwood forests and a scattering of homes just dense enough that a tasty snack from a garbage can or backyard bird feeder is only a short distance away. The highest […]

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