Our 17th President

Radenka Maric, an acclaimed innovator in clean energy technology whose leadership as a vice president helped propel UConn to new heights in research funding, has been selected as the University’s 17th president.

Maric has served as UConn’s interim president since Feb. 1, 2022, a period in which she raised its national profile by hosting leaders of several top federal agencies for on-campus visits to demonstrate UConn’s successes in various areas of research and academia. She brought a highly student-centric focus to her interim presidency and says she will continue and expand those efforts in concert with others at UConn to prioritize student success and inclusion, access to mentoring and life-transformative educational experiences, and their personal and professional fulfillment.

“Being named president of the University of Connecticut is the honor of a lifetime. I am proud and humbled to have your confidence and your trust,” Maric told the Board of Trustees. “I will work every day to continue to earn it, as well as that of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, patients, and many supporters.”

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Radenka Maric


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