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Tom's Trivia

Life got a lot easier for students here starting in the fall of 1994, thanks to the arrival of what?

A: Free bus service to Willimantic
B: Touch-tone telephone registration for classes
C: Dial-up internet service in the computer labs
D: Late-night food delivery to residence halls

The common hackberry tree on the northeast corner of Storrs Hall was planted in 1916 and dedicated four years later to the memory of BT Avery. Who was BT Avery?

A: An alum who died while serving in World War I
B: The founder of the History Department
C: The first graduate to later become a faculty member at UConn
D: A Hartford businessman who donated the bricks that built Storrs Hall

The 1963–64 edition of the “Coed Code,” an official handbook for women at UConn, prohibited women from wearing long pants in classrooms and other common areas, except under what circumstance?

A: The annual Sadie Hawkins dance
B: Final exams
C: Extremely cold weather
D: Utility outages

Which of these is not the name of a UConn-branded rhododendron
developed by horticulture professor Mark Brand?
A: Buzzer Beater
B: March Madness
C: Slam Dunk
D: Double Dribble

yellow rhododendrons

These rhododendrons are named Buzzer Beaters.


  1. B. This year saw the widespread roll-out of touchtone registration for classes, eliminating the long in-person lines at the ROTC building (and before that, at Wilbur Cross) that had been a yearly feature of student life.
  2. A. Billings Theophilus (BT) Avery was a 1916 graduate originally from Norwich, who was deeply involved in horticulture and was a lab assistant to the well-known faculty member Albert Francis Blakeslee. Avery entered the Army as an infantryman during World War I, and died of septicemia in France in June 1918.
  3. C. Among the many prescriptions and restrictions in the handbook is the all-caps admonition that women could only wear slacks in the event of EXTREMELY COLD WEATHER.
  4. D. Many of UConn's branded rhododendrons have basketball-related names, but Double Dribble is not one of them.


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