On the collapse of the iconic Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico:

“We lost our star quarterback.”

Chiara Mingarelli, astrophysics professor, Scientific American, Dec. 11, 2020

On what drove so many college football programs to play through the pandemic:


Head football coach Randy Edsall, The New York Times, Jan. 4, 2021

On UConn certifying pharmacists to administer the Covid-19 vaccine:

“The more people we can get on the front lines and ready the better.”

Dr. Jeffrey R. Aeschlimann, pharmacy professor, NBC CT, Jan. 11, 2021

On why missing out on family traditions is a big deal:

“For many people, the lack of ceremony is experienced as a feeling of emptiness, as if their very life narrative had a gap in it.”

Dimitris Xygalatas, anthropology professor, The Atlantic, Dec. 15, 2020

Describing the fantasy football competition in which he won $2.5 million:

“A hobby.”

David Bergman, operations and information management professor, Hartford Courant, Jan. 17, 2021

On his famous prediction of widespread unrest in 2020 and on what happens next:

“We may be the first society that is capable of perceiving, if dimly, the deep structural forces pushing us to the brink.”

Peter Turchin, ecology and evolutionary biology professor, The New York Times, Dec. 16, 2020

On the legality of using data archived from the social media app Parler to track down Capitol riot participants:

“All the data would be fair game for law enforcement.”

Kiel Brennan-Marquez, law professor, The Washington Post, Jan. 12, 2021

On the negative hashtags:

“If there are frustrations with Facebook, they don’t seem to be affecting people’s use of it.”

Sherry Pagoto, psychology professor, Newsweek, Dec. 23, 2020

On racism:

“It’s the Achilles heel of American democracy, and it always comes up.”

Manisha Sinha, professor of history, The Washington Post, Dec. 31, 2020


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