Weighing in on Last Issue

Scores of you wrote in to tell us about bobcat sightings in your backyards. We heard, too, from grateful patients of our cover subject Dr. Alessi, enthusiastic clubbers lauding their favorites, and more. Find a sampling below.

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UConn Magazine Spring 2019 Cover

The Knockout Doctor

The best neurologist. He helped me get back on the field in 1994! Never forgot his care and safety! Thanks, Dr. Alessi. Peter Connolly ’96 (CLAS), New Fairfield, Conn., via Instagram

Where the Wild Things Are

➼ Twice in the last week, we’ve seen a large bobcat walking on the ice in the pond behind our house — very beautiful. It seems much bigger than the one in your article. Too far away for a good photo, though. Marylou Carlson Bradley ’69 (NUR), Storrs, Conn., via our website

Tracy, love the work that you do – it is my passion in life as well, although not professionally. I serve on the board of directors for a non-profit organization in Suffield, Conn., The Friends of the Farm at Hilltop (FOFAH), where my contribution includes making the property more wildlife friendly and teaching others how they can do the same in their yards. I would love to have you come visit sometime. Keep up the good work. Barbara Rodgers, 35-year employee at UConn Health, West Suffield, Conn., via our website

The Reapers and the Flowers

An inspiring article about a leader who’s making a meaningful difference — for the planet and also for so many people. Margaret L. Winslow, Cambridge, Mass., via our website

Class Notes

I entered UConn in the fall of 1967 and lived in “The Jungle.” There were two women’s dorms, as I remember, at the bottom right of The Jungle. Your story in Class Notes features 11 women, most of whom graduated in 1972, and says they were some of the first women to live in The Jungle. I graduated in 1971 and knew women from my class who lived there starting in 1967. The curfews, locked doors, and house mothers were a reality. Robert J. Jamback ’71 (SFA), Dunbarton, N.H., via our website


You are all awesome! Jonathan The Husky (@jonathanhusky14), via Instagram

I live in Aiken now and USCA has polo. I wish UConn could play them here. Go Huskies and Go Pacers! Katherine Holmes Hoelscher ’79 (CLAS), Aiken, S.C., via Instagram

Aw, I’m so glad y’all [Revolution Against Rape] are still going strong and doing this important work. Casey Healey ’16 (CLAS), Santa Elena, Ecuador, via Instagram

Best program on campus [Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters]! Jamie Moran ’18 (ED), Springfield, Mass., via Instagram


  1. The best neurologist. He helped me get back on the field in 1994! Never forgot his care and safety! Thanks, Dr. Alessi. Peter Connolly ’96 (CLAS), New Fairfield, Conn., via Instagram

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