Eye Candy

Bet you can’t guess the subject of these colorized macroscopic shots …

Categories: Science

He Sells

Take a look at Dave DeLucia’s fascinating collection of shells, which he sells on eBay — not to be confused with the seashore.

Categories: Arts

Period Pieces

View our astonishing images of some of the mini element collections being housed in a new Chemistry Building periodic table display.

Categories: Science

Heritage Cards

There are many ways to identify the pinnacle in the career of an athlete. Money, fame, medals, and trophies are some of the obvious ones. Dating back to the 19th century, being pictured on a trading card is another one of those benchmarks.

Categories: Athletics

3,081 Miles

After Hannah Bacon ’15 (CLAS) lost her job at an environmental nonprofit due to the pandemic, she decided to use her time off to walk across the country to raise money and awareness for climate action.

Categories: Community Impact


The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry hosted an exhibit of celebrated mascot costumes and lore.

Categories: Athletics


UConn’s Floriculture greenhouses fill with hundreds of flowering poinsettias. The deep red ones are most popular, but you’ll find as many as 90 varieties.

Categories: Environment

Bottled Up

The lobby of UConn’s Pharmacy/Biology building is lined with beautiful and mysterious bottles from the 1600s to mid-1900s. They held remedies in the form of liquids, salves, and powders.

Categories: Health