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Tom's Trivia

Which of these is NOT one of the 81 activities the Student Alumni Association suggests should be on every UConn undergrad’s bucket list?

A. Visit the Storrs Monument and pay tribute to legendary Huskies at the New Storrs Cemetery
B. Watch or build a float for the Homecoming parade, and then enjoy the SUBOG carnival afterward
C. Learn the words to the UConn Fight Song and sing it at a game
D. Attend your professors’ office hours

Which residence hall at Storrs was originally intended to be a hotel?

A. Shippee Hall
B. Charter Oak Apartments
C. Hilltop Halls
D. Holcomb Hall

Who were the UConn 49ers?

A. The first postwar graduating class
B. A fife and drum corps
C. The nickname of the 1949 men’s basketball team
D. A notoriously rowdy student cheering section made up of WWII veterans

During the 1918-20 flu pandemic, which of the following was NOT a requirement for students at UConn?

A. Maintain 1,000 cubic feet of air between people
B. Bathe at least twice a week
C. Do not close another person’s tobacco pouch with your teeth
D. Do not attend dances in Willimantic

UConn Homecoming 1969

Homecoming 1969


  1. A. UConn founders and brothers Charles and Augustus Storrs (aka Chuck and Augie) are just two of the luminaries buried at the New Storrs Cemetery, which is near the North Residence Halls and is not on SAA’s bucket list.
  2. A. Named for Lester Shippee, the first president of the UConn Foundation, the residence hall was originally intended to be a hotel for visiting faculty and others, in hopes that it would attract more academic conferences to UConn. However, Shippee became a women’s dormitory instead.
  3. B. Formed by veterans attending UConn Fort Trumbull – the temporary campus established in 1946 to accommodate the surge of new students enrolling under the GI Bill – the 49ers were a fife and drum corps that played at campus events decked out in Colonial garb. The group moved to Storrs in 1949, and was a fixture on campus well into the 1950s.
  4. D. Although spending a lot of time slow dancing was probably not a good idea during a flu pandemic, it wasn’t forbidden – unlike re-closing tobacco pouches with the teeth, which apparently was common enough for a rule to prohibit it on campus.


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