students enjoying the event, ne ton sundae

Peter Morenus

Ringing in the 40th anniversary of Winter Weekend in February, the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) hosted its beloved annual event — One Ton Sundae. It’s an almost mandatory experience for students to get a personal bucket of midwinter Dairy Bar ice cream. The line forms hours in advance, often wrapping around the Student Union, all in the name of free ice cream on the SU Terrace. For the first time this year, not one but two boats held an actual ton of ice cream, including several nut-free selections. Considered the “official unveiling” of the yearly Senior Scoop flavor, One Ton Sundae featured the Class of 2019’s Peanut Pretzel Paw Print blend of vanilla ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, and peanut butter swirl. Sabreena Mei ’19 (CAHNR), pictured above right, and Madison Ready ’19 (CAHNR), above left, were two of the seven students who created and named the 2019 Senior Scoop.

By Camila Vallejo ’19 (CLAS)


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