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Spring 2018 Cover

The Hidden UConn quiz was as popular as we’d hoped, with enough what abouts . . . that we may need a reprise soon. And our website is full of questions and answers on all the latest scary tick activity from this summer (the lone star tick is indeed making its presence known in Connecticut). We also found there are as many nonbelievers as believers on the bitcoin scene. See our website for all the comments. And please join in the fun for this issue.

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In the “By a Thread” feature, Summer 2018, we identified Julie Wagner as an associate professor. She is a full professor. She also is the principal investigator of the UConn Health study that is testing the “Eat, Walk, Sleep” program that has been so beneficial to Cambodian refugees (NIH grant 5R01DK103663).

Hidden UConn Quiz

Ahh, Husky Hill (pic#5), as we called it back when we had a varsity ski team at UConn. I remember running down the hill during dry land training every fall afternoon before the snow flew and then carrying one of my teammates back up the hill on my back. We actually trained there periodically when it snowed —doesn’t look to be an option these days based on the trees that took over.

James McGrath, ’77 (BUS), ’80 MBA
Fishkill, New York

I enjoyed this article. I wish had known some of these things existed in ’64 –’68. Delta Zeta here’s to thee!

Patti Killeen Brown Felton ’68 (ED)
Penn Valley, California, and San Tan Valley, Arizona

Benson Ginsburg’s family and friends are thrilled to see this snippet of history included in the Summer 2018 issue! Thank you so much for remembering a great man and his pioneering work. Can you tell me if this kennel is still standing and if so, might I visit it?

Sue Hamilton ’69 (CLAS)
Harwinton, Connecticut

Note:  The kennel is still standing in the UConn Forest behind Horsebarn Hill.

Bitcoin Believers

I understand both poker and pizzas as well as having been a student of the financial markets since graduation from UConn. I can say that a lot of people have made a lot of money getting involved with Bitcoin. The only question should be. . . who will be the last sucker?

Cryptocurrencies have value only in the minds of believers who see other people making a bunch of money. But they actually have nothing behind them. Gold and silver have value as commodities. Paper money, although likely over-printed, is backed by the gross national product of the country printing that fiat money. Real estate has value, as do most items considered assets.

Off in the future, when the technology involved is used with something of value behind it, there may be an opportunity for real success. Meanwhile, the suckers appear to be buying into a nickel, dime poker game with hundred-dollar bills.

Phil Becker ’69 (CLAS)
Glendale, California

By a Thread

Really enjoyed reading this issue; so proud of the help for Cambodians. There should be info in case people would like to donate to that project in particular.

Also proud of [department head Michael]Bradford and what he’s doing for the theater deptartment.

Good job!

Bessy Reyna ’72 MA, ’82 JD

Note: Donate to this project by sending a check to: Khmer Health Advocates, attn: Mary Scully, 1125 New Britain Ave. #202, West Hartford, Connecticut, 06110.


I have been away from UConn for many years. Having played basketball at UConn and having coached both on the university and professional ranks, I must say I was so very impressed and taken by the UConn Choir and its European tour. Besides the excellence of the choir’s singing ability, the passion I observed in the video was so very special. Bravo — a great representation of the University. Great to see UConn in the light of joy, happiness, and wholesome fellowship.

Alan Keith Srebnick ’71 (BUS)
Weston, Florida

These voices are so beautiful that words cannot capture their power.

Frederick Charles Shakir Jr. ’84 (CLAS)
Quaker Hill, Connecticut


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