The Small Price of Survival

With just a little knowledge and some very basic equipment, most sudden deaths in young athletes can be prevented. “How you respond in the first 10 minutes of a catastrophic incident is often the difference between life and death,” says Casa.


50 Years of the Benton

In honor of The Benton’s anniversary, we present highlights from favorite visiting exhibitions and examples of pieces added to the permanent collection, one for each year from 1967 to 2016.


Mission to Mars

Imagine traveling for three years and 500 million miles with five strangers, no rest stops, and no chance to get away from one another — and just to keep you on your toes, you could die any minute.


The Case for Bilingual Deaf Children

Deaf children are just as intellectually capable as hearing children— but if they do not have early access to language and communication, that intellectual capacity can quickly erode.


Bottled Up

The lobby of UConn’s Pharmacy/Biology building is lined with beautiful and mysterious bottles from the 1600s to mid-1900s. They held remedies in the form of liquids, salves, and powders.


Shakespeare’s Folio: What these eight alums’ dreams are made of

Think sports tournaments are grueling? Try performing in three different shows playing three different roles on three different stages in one day!

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