On establishing more than $100,000 in fellowship funds:

“It is our responsibility as successful women to stand at the door and let other women in.”

University President Radenka Maric, Connecticut Magazine, January 2023

On why the violent religious fervor behind the Jan. 6 Capitol attack should not shock us:

“The riot was a pitch-perfect performance of the kind of white Christian nationalism that has ebbed and flowed throughout American history.”

Sociology professor Ruth Braunstein, Time magazine, Dec. 30, 2022

On the doubling of Connecticut’s Asian American population since 2000:

“Asian American migration to the state has been part of every industry — from the aerospace industry, to insurance and accounting firms, to the incredible medical research facilities.”

History professor and director of the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute Jason Chang, Connecticut Insider, Dec. 29, 2022

On algae as the new kale:

“This crop doesn’t require fresh water. Doesn’t require land. Doesn’t require fertilizer.”

Marine sciences professor emeritus Charles Yarish, National Geographic, Nov. 8, 2022

On using fast-growing hemp to make an alternative to plastic:

“There’s a reason why they call it weed.”

Chemistry professor Greg Sotzing, News 8, Oct. 31, 2022

On what to do if you come across turkeys battling over pecking order:

“If it were me, I would settle in and watch the spectacle!”

Ecology and evolutionary biology professor Chris Elphick, Salon, Nov. 11, 2022


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