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Dan DiSorbo ’01 (SFA) just wrote the “Book of Hops,” so we asked the designer and craft beer aficionado to help our readers navigate a plethora of styles, including pale, hazy, juicy, dank, and roasty.

Craft beer aficionado and “nutmegger through and through,” DiSorbo was inspired to write the new “Book of Hops” to share his particular passion.

“New England pale ales will always hold a special place in my heart as my all-time favorite beer style,” he says.

Written for even the most novice beer lover, “The Book of Hops” breaks down the science and story behind beer’s most important ingredients. The gorgeously illustrated guidebook is full of hyper-detailed by Erik Christiansen photographs and profiles 50 of the most sought-after hops from around the world with notes on taste, composition, use, and origins.

“Think of this guide as a new drinking companion on your way to becoming an enlightened hophead,” says DiSorbo of his book.

The Book of Hops

What Beer Should I Drink?

What Season is it?

Is It Sunny Out?

Are You Working Tomorrow?

Is there still foliage?

Thinking of Calling in Sick?

Are You Having a Party?

Are You a Hop Head?

Nice! How Hoppy?

Are You Feeling Fancy?

Do you like hoppy or bittersweet flavors?



Light & Refreshing



Crisp & Spicy



Smooth & Balanced

pale ale

Pale Ale

Floral & Fruity

New England IPA

New England IPA

Hazy & Juicy

Double IPA

Double IPA

Dank and Boozy



Rich & Complex

Beer - Stout


Roasty and Robust

Photo By

Erik Christiansen


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