Beetle Bailey loves UConn

Following what has become an annual late-fall tradition, Beetle Bailey’s Aug. 16 strip this year features the UConn Husky, in this case on the back cover of UConn Magazine! Cartoonist Bill Janocha says he’s been doing this for the past few years to coincide with the start of the new semester. Janocha’s son Chris is a junior at the Storrs campus. Janocha says he has assisted Mort Walker on the “Beetle Bailey” strip “and countless other projects” since 1987. Walker died earlier this year and, besides continuing as a “Beetle Bailey” cartoonist, Janocha is working on “a major book about Walker’s early magazine cartoons and a full examination, through them, of the development of Beetle in 1950.”

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a 2 panel comic strip featuring Beetle Bailey reading the UConn Magazine

Janocha's nods to UConn in 2016 and 2017

snapshot of uconn logo inside comic panel


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