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UConn Nation Around The Nation
UConn Nation extends well beyond Connecticut and the Northeast

For information about alumni happenings in your neck of the woods, visit uconnalumni.com/events.

As you can see from this map, UConn Nation extends well beyond Connecticut and the Northeast. So, too, do our alumni programs. We have UConn Alumni networks all over the world so you can take advantage of lifelong learning opportunities that highlight our incredible faculty (such as Alumni College or the various Science Salons), catch up on all of our Husky athletics, expand your career network, or participate in our UConn Cares community service projects. A few of the events worth highlighting over the next few months are a West Coast President’s tour in February and, in April, two big events — Alumni College in Washington, D.C. and the annual White Coat Gala, a fundraiser for our medical schools, in Hartford. See you here, there, and everywhere…

— Mo Cotton Kelly, associate vice president of Alumni Relations


  1. Keith says:

    What about Cincinnati? We have over 300 alumni in our area?

    • UConn Magazine says:

      Hi Keith

      Indeed we’ve got alums everywhere! We limited the highlights on the map to concentrations above 1,000 for design reasons.

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