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All Dressed Up
costumes close up


  1. Luke Lynch BFA '79 says:

    It’s been many years, but I wonder if hidden somewhere in the deepest recesses of your storage warehouse there might be lurking a lizard costume. It would be from the summer of 1978, so chances are slim, I’m certain. The production was Edward Albee’s SEASCAPE. Two such costumes were created. One for me and the other for Marta Urrutia in a production which also featured former Dept. head John Herr and his wife.
    Continue the great work.

    • UConn Magazine says:

      Thanks for writing, Luke. I’ve sent your query to Susan Tolis in the Department, will let you know what she says.

      • UConn Magazine says:

        Here’s Susan’s response I’m afraid:
        I’m sorry Lisa, but I don’t believe that we have any lizard costumes in stock. Lots of time these things get transformed into something else for a new production.

        Susan Tolis
        Costume Shop Supervisor
        UConn Department of Dramatic Arts
        Connecticut Repertory Theatre

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