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Where on the Storrs campus do three owls keep continuous watch?

A: The Orford Aviary Building behind Horsebarn Hill
B: On the pillars outside the Wilbur Cross Building
C: In granite above the side entrance to Homer Babbidge Library
D: On the weathervane above Whitney Hall

Gardner Dow Field served as the main practice and competition venue for athletic teams from 1920 into the 1970s. Who was Gardner Dow?

A: A student who died while serving in World War IFinish high school
B: The first full-time coach hired at the University, who coached both baseball and football
C: A student who died while playing football against UNH
D: The first UConn student to play professional football, who died of Spanish influenza in 1919

According to University rules, how long must one wait to add a new coat of paint to “The Rock”?

A: 24 hours after the last painting
B: As soon as it is painted and dry
C: One full day of classes
D: One hour after a coat dries

UConn was the first university in New England to be designated a Milestones in Microbiology site. The plaque marking the laboratory site is in a spot few people associate with microbiology. Where is it?

A: Near the drinking fountains in the Dairy Bar
B: Adjacent to Jacobson Barn on Horsebarn Hill
C: Inside the pedestrian concourse at Gampel Pavilion
D: On a wall inside the planetarium on North Eagleville Road

This fall, UConn welcomed about 5,100 freshmen across all of its campuses, but enrollment has not always been so robust. What was the first year total UConn enrollment exceeded 1,000 students?

A: 1915
B: 1926
C: 1938
D: 1947

Registration line outside Wilbur Cross Library, 1945


  1. D: On the weathervane above Whitney Hall
  2. C: A student who died while playing football against the University of New Hampshire
  3. B: As soon as the rock is painted and dry
  4. A: Near the drinking fountains in the Dairy Bar
  5. C: 1938, when enrollment hit 1,050


  1. Ronald Lignelli says:

    The answers to questions 3 and 4 are out of order! 😉

  2. Dr. Bob Kravecs, Jr. says:

    Four out of five correct. Didn’t know the Owl answer so I made the obvious guess which is wrong. You should do this in every issue.

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