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Kathleen Dudzinski ’89
Kathleen Dudzinski ’89 (CLAS) swims and photographs dolphins

Can’t get enough? Read A dolphin tail of two Huskies by Cheryl Cranick, UConn Honors Program

As founder and director of the Dolphin Communication Project, Kathleen Dudzinski ’89 (CLAS) has a job description that includes swimming with dolphins to record and study the tactile, behavioral, and acoustic signals they use to communicate as individuals within groups. Could this get any better? Well, yes. Her research time collecting data is spent chiefly among three destinations: the Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) in Honduras; Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon Island in Nassau, the Bahamas; and at Zoo Duisburg in Duisburg, Germany. Dudzinski is shown here recording spotted dolphins in the Bahamas.


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