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Master puppeteer Frank W. Ballard established UConn’s Puppet Arts Program, part of the School of Fine Arts’ Dramatic Arts Department, in 1965. Today, UConn remains one of few schools in the world to award puppetry degrees. Graduates of our bachelor’s and master’s programs have found success on stage and screen, performing in shows from “Sesame Street” to “Robot Chicken.” A yearlong celebration will kick off this summer with UConn hosting the National Puppetry Festival.

Take a look at these images of UConn puppetry and our Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry.


  1. Joel Salberg says:

    I am a graduate of UCONN’s then Speech and Drama department. I was fortunate to have as a mentor, Frank Ballard. I never realized the success this department achieved. This is all due to Frank Ballard’s guidance. Fantastic!

  2. Carol Montana says:

    Proud to have been Frank Ballard’s Stage Manager for Kismet. A true artist, a fine teacher, a real gentleman.

  3. Beverly Sims says:

    I am thrilled that the BIMP has a prime location in our Downtown Storrs! It is THE place I take my out-of-town visitors. The space has been beautifully designed and administered with care and devotion. Kudos to John and Bart!

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