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If We Build it…

UConn Athletics wants all student-athletes to have world-class facilities. Fields of dreams in the planning for baseball and softball would have three-sided stadiums with restrooms and concessions, lighted artificial-turf competition fields…

The Small Price of Survival

With just a little knowledge and some very basic equipment, most sudden deaths in young athletes can be prevented. “How you respond in the first 10 minutes of a catastrophic incident is often the difference between life and death,” says Casa.

UConn Nation Represents in Indy!

Can you name all the former players who came to cheer on the current Huskies as they became the 2016 NCAA women’s basketball champions?

The Big Four for the Big Four

The UConn women’s basketball team made more than a little history this spring with their 82–51 win over Syracuse in the NCAA National Championship game.