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Letters to the Editor
Spring 2017 Cover

Michael Lynch’s cover story struck a nerve with many of you. Most pledged to use this as a wake-up call to listen to the opinions of others. A few, however, championed divisiveness as necessary to discourse. A sampling is below, along with feedback on other stories from our Spring issue.

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Saving Civility

Listening takes time and patience. Time is something we have too little of these days in our fast-paced, instant-gratification society. So it is much easier to just impose our own ideas with a like-it-or-leave-it attitude and move on. Time saved! Nothing accomplished. I applaud you for addressing this important issue of intellectual humility. Our society needs your work to bring us back together again. Only by working together will our society as a whole survive. Thanks.

Winifred Schroeder ’65 (NUR)
Bradenton, Florida

What a great subject! I’m a Democrat and guilty of the intellectual snobbery to which you refer in your article. I think by my liberal posts on social media I’ve made a lot of Facebook friends; however, we all think we are right 100% of the time! I hope to get updates on the project!

Susan Williams ’77 MD
Danielson, Connecticut

This research is very important. Reading your essay urges me to be more receptive and tolerant to the viewpoints of others. I’m a very liberal person, but I realize that I’m too quick to contradict and search for a reason to refute the other person. You’ve provided me with much to think about and process. Meantime, I’m listening and keeping my mouth shut. Thanks.

New Research Proves that Some Kids “Grow Out” of Their Autism Symptoms

The treatments that are being described and the effects on brain pathways and
activation areas demonstrate the effects of “mediated learning experiences” that are at the core of learning social skills. Adults and older children are intentional sources of modeling, and directed mediation can help autistic children (and others with various forms of brain damage) develop new pathways of learning when traditional, haphazard methods are ineffective. This study shows the new pathways that are developed, which is very encouraging evidence of real changes in the brain.

The Voice of Women’s Ice Hockey

Nice to see women’s ice hockey getting the attention it deserves! Kailey may have let a bit of sexism slip with the comment that hockey is “such a masculine sport.” I was a member of the team from 1977–1979 with my very lovely and feminine friend Ann Wassel Hughes ’78. And I was a home ec education major.

Linda LaFrance Garvey ’79 (ED)
Groton, Massachusetts

Tom’s Trivia

I love trivia. What a great way to learn about the important history and traditions of UConn in a fun way! Keep up the good work on the magazine. I actually read much of the magazine — I am an alum of UMass and also receive its magazine, which I promptly toss due to lack of interest.

David Adams, ’71 Ph.D.
Hadley, Massachusetts

Show Him the Money

Go Greg! Great article. I was a season ticket holder, and I enjoyed Greg’s hustle and overall play.

John E. McGinn, ’69 (CLAS)
Sandwich, Massachusetts

All Dressed Up

It’s been many years, but I wonder if hidden somewhere in the deepest recesses of your storage warehouse there might be lurking a lizard costume. It would be from the summer of 1978. The production was Edward Albee’s “Seascape.” Two such costumes were created, one for me and the other for Marta Urrutia. Continue the great work.

Luke Lynch ’79 (SFA)
Milford, Connecticut

Costume Shop Supervisor Susan Tolis replies: I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that we have any lizard costumes in stock. Lots of times these things get transformed into something else for a new production.

For Caitlin Oswald ’09 (ENG), it is Rocket Science

“Hey, I know that lady!” Baby-Q reading up on his mama in #uconnmagazine Caitlin Oswald ’09 (ENG) @caitlin oswald

Baby-Q reading up on his mama in UConn Magazine


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