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If you take out the studies that were industry-funded, there is no controversy. That makes this an important study.”

Jennifer Harris, social psychologist at the University of Connecticut Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, discussing a report about 60 experimental studies that examined the effects of sugar-sweetened beverages on metabolic outcomes, such as obesity and diabetes. Thirty-four of those studies, a slight majority, found an association between sugary beverages and obesity; 26 found no association. But the latter group was entirely made up of industry-funded studies, while only one of the positive studies had ties to industry.
Stat, Oct. 31, 2016

“There wasn’t any negative link between [mothers] returning to work early and children’s development, both in terms of academic and behavioral skills.”

Caitlin McPherran Lombardi, assistant professor of human development and family studies, on a study she co-authored that researched children born in 2000 and later.
Quartz, Dec. 29, 2016

“It’s not usually one video that traumatizes. It’s a lifetime of experiences . . . African-Americans have been dealing with the historical trauma and community trauma and individual trauma in the form of racism and discrimination [for centuries]. These videos are the icing on the cake.”

Monnica Williams, associate professor of psychological sciences, who specializes in the intersection of race, culture, and mental illness, on police shootings and social media.
Christian Science Monitor,
Oct. 13, 2016

We looked at each other like two little boys in a candy shop.”

Kroum Batchvarov, assistant professor of anthropology, describing how he and a colleague reacted upon spying quarter rudders (large steering oars) on a Black Sea shipwreck, indicating that the vessel dates to medieval times.
The New York Times,
Nov. 11, 2016

“I’m thrilled to be joining the Connecticut Repertory Theatre’s Nutmeg Summer Series as artistic director. Six years ago Vince Cardinal brought me to Storrs for my first summer to do ‘My Fair Lady,’ and ever since I’ve been trying to get back as often as I can.”

Three-time Tony Award nominee Terrence Mann on his return to CRT as artistic director of the popular Nutmeg Summer Series.
BroadwayWorld.com, Nov. 15, 2016

“Since when is three in the morning part of the news cycle? Since now.”

Dave D’Alessio, associate professor of communications, on the relationship between the media and politicians during the 2016 presidential election.
Oct. 22, 2016

I went [to UConn] because of him. He just kind of sold me on . . . the idea of trying to go do something that most people thought was going to be impossible and just kind of challenged me to see if I could become the player I wanted to be . . . He’s a really good coach, great recruiter. I have high expectations for him to do a really good job there.”

Dan Orlovsky, Detroit Lions quarterback, on hearing the news that Randy Edsall was being rehired as head coach of Huskies football.
ESPN, Dec. 28, 2016


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