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UConn’s athletic teams are known for their winning ways, with 22 national team championships. But who is the only student-athlete to win an individual NCAA championship?

A: Ben Stockton, men’s 200m race, 1953
B: Marina Greene, women’s pole vault, 1985
C: Ronald Evans, men’s decathlon, 1972
D: Rachel Holcomb, women’s tennis, 1990

The “little stone house” has stood on North Eagleville Road since 1937. What is its significance?

A: It memorializes UConn students who fought in World War I
B: A gift from the Conn. Grange, it holds a stone from each state
C: It was a gift from the Storrs family, with stones from the original family farm
D: It was the result of a Works Progress Administration project during the Great Depression

UConn’s plan for Stamford student housing marks the second time it has had a residential campus outside Storrs. What was the first?

A: The Hartford campus in the early 1950s
B: UConn Polar Station One, a research dorm in Antarctica
C: The short-lived Willimantic campus in the 1900s
D: The Fort Trumbull campus in the late 1940s

By 1960, this annual charitable event was the third largest of its kind in the U.S. and the largest on the East Coast. What was it?

A: Huskython, a dance marathon
B: The Benjamin Koons Memorial Basketball All-Star Game
C: The Campus Community Carnival
D: Kill-a-Keg

In 1943, UConn received its first-ever visit from a First Lady, when Eleanor Roosevelt came to Storrs. What was the purpose of her trip?

A: She came to meet members of the Women’s Land Army, a wartime agricultural support group
B: She was visiting UConn President Albert Jorgensen, who had placed Franklin Roosevelt’s name into nomination at the 1940 Democratic National Convention
C: She delivered an address on human rights
D: She was in Storrs to lend support to UConn’s wartime dairy programs, posing with prize-winning bull “Golden Lad”

Eleanor Roosevelt visits UCon, Storrs, Conn.
Eleanor Roosevelt visits UCon, Storrs, Conn.


1. C: Ronald Evans won the NCAA Division I Men’s Decathlon in 1972 with 7,571 points.
2. B: Originally, the Grange donation – which celebrated Connecticut’s agricultural heritage – had stones from 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii were added to the building later, after those states were admitted to the Union.
3. D: More than 5,000 students attended the Fort Trumbull campus, which existed from 1946 to 1950 as a way to handle the explosion in the student population caused by the postwar GI Bill.
4. C: The Campus Community Carnival lasted from 1948 to 1979, featuring rides, games, a parade, a concert, and a marathon on WHUS.
5. A: UConn was an important site in Connecticut for training members of the Women’s Land Army, who supplied agricultural labor to farmers during the war.


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    I love trivia. What a great way to learn about the important history and traditional of UConn in a fun way! Keep up the good work on the magazine. I actually read much of the magazine I am an alum of UMass and also receive their magazine, which I promptly toss due to its lack of interest.

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