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Living Large

UConn’s newest residence hall, Next Generation Connecticut Hall at dusk

UConn’s newest residence hall opened its doors to more than 700 undergraduates last month. The eight-story Next Generation Connecticut Hall (NextGen Hall) is the first new on-campus housing in 13 years and is one of the tallest buildings in Storrs, with a commanding view on all sides. Innovation and creativity are built into the design of the 210,000-square-foot residence hall: On the first floor is an Idea Lab tailored for students to learn together and work in teams to solve problems and an Innovation Zone, or ‘maker space,’ complete with a mobile white board, a textile station, laser cutter, and 3-D printer.

Next Generation Connecticut Hall

NextGen houses mainly freshmen and sophomores, all of whom belong to one of the University’s faculty-led ‘learning communities,’ themed groups designed to bridge students’ academic, co-curricular, and residential experiences. Learning communities, says David Ouimette, who oversees the program, “create a small-college feel in a large university.” There are currently 30 such communities on the Storrs campus, of which eight will be housed in NextGen Hall. Nearly half of incoming freshmen opt to join a learning community, and many continue through their sophomore year. NextGen Hall represents the first time UConn has constructed a residence hall specifically for learning communities.

Learning Communities housed in NextGen Hall:
Floor 2: Engineering House
Floor 3: Engineering House & Eurotech House
Floor 4: Innovation House & ScHOLA²RS House
Floor 5: Honors to Opportunities (H2O)
Floor 6: Public Health House
Floor 7: WiMSE House
Floor 8: EcoHouse

Campus Living Across Generations


  1. Dollie Hunt says:

    What happened to Wood Hall — I lived there Fresh and Soph years.

  2. James Seger says:

    where is the new NextGen residence hall located???????

    James: It is in the Hilltop area of campus, near the athletics facilities

  3. Peter garneau says:

    When I was an undergrad in the mid-80’s, Speague was the men’s dorm and Holcomb was the women’s dorm on east campus…..

  4. Marcia Neff says:

    The NextGen is behnd Hilltop, then, where you had to cross a field to get to the library? Is it where that field is?

    • UConn Magazine says:

      It is right next to Hilltop, between Hilltop and the George J. Sherman Family Sports Complex. If you look at the wing on the left you can just barely see Gampel behind it.

  5. A Gilhuley says:

    No mention of the Frats?!

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