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Your family is from Mexico and you are first-born in the U.S.
Do you feel like UConn allows you to express both of your cultures?

Oh, yes! I think having PRLACC [Puerto Rican Latin American Cultural Center] here helped me find my place. Everyone there is just striving to do the same thing that I am — mesh two cultures to make one that’s about being in the U.S. but keeping the traditions of my family back in Mexico. The director, she’s like a mom to everyone there. She has open ears, time to let people spill out whatever’s on their mind. That’s why I wanted to work here. I felt comfortable just hanging out here or participating in events, like the Lip-Sync Battles.

Do you have a go-to lip-sync tune?
My favorite was “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias, which we used for our finale a few years ago. It was my first time participating in lip-sync that year, and it was the one song everyone from Team PRLACC danced in. It was so full of energy and a really exciting way to end our performance.

You’re in the Medical Humanitarianism Society. What do you do there?
We do community service and fundraising with a medical focus. There’s a yearly outreach trip to a country, typically in South America. So it’s a combination of the medical aspect but also community service and giving back … it’s a good blend of what I’m interested in.

So what is your career goal?
I would like to be a physician’s assistant. I’ve always envisioned myself working in a hospital. Even in elementary school when asked, I would say I wanted to be an artist, a gymnast, or a doctor.

What’s your favorite nonacademic thing about UConn?
Football and basketball games. I always get the season tickets for basketball; I try to go to every game that I can. It’s just such a great atmosphere.

How did you decide to be a morale captain for Huskython, the 18-hour charity dance-a-thon?
I participated in Huskython sophomore year and I think I was one of the people helping keep everyone’s energy up. Plus I just did not have a single bit of exhaustion the entire time, so I was like “maybe the morale captain is for me.”

Have you gained anything from UConn you feel you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else?
I would say the large population here. You can twist it any way that you want, you can keep it large, or you can get involved and it can get as small as you want it to be. The things that I’ve been involved in, they’ve all been so great because of the ambitious and exciting and goal-driven people that I’ve met.

What’s your most embarrassing freshman year memory?
I was locked out my first day of move in. Usually for people it’s their first week or something, but within the first three hours I was locked out. My roommate and I were both there the minute you could move in. I went around the corner to see a friend I knew from home, but my roommate thought I’d left the building. I came back two seconds later … locked out! I was just sitting in the hallway for about an hour.

—Megan Krementowski ’16 (CLAS)


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