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UConn Nation Represents in Indy!
Former UConn Women's Basketball Team and Members of the UConn Nation stand proud at the court in Indianapolis

Stephen Slade ’89 (SFA)

UConn Nation came out in full blue force to watch the women’s basketball team make history in Indianapolis this spring. The stands were full of cheering students and alumni, including these former players who posed in front of the team and coaches for fans and photographers after the game.

Fourth (back) row, left to right: Katie Lou Samuelson ’19; Chris Dailey – Associate Head Coach; Gabby Williams ’18; Jasmine Lister – Graduate Assistant; Breanna Stewart ’16; Moriah Jefferson ’16; Geno Auriemma – Head Coach; Morgan Tuck ’16; Kia Nurse ’18; Saniya Chong ’17; Tierney Lawlor ’17; Courtney Ekmark ’18; Briana Pulido ’16; Natalie Butler RS ’18; Napheesa Collier ’19; Marisa Moseley – Assistant Coach; Shea Ralph ’01– Assistant Coach.Third row, left to right: Kalana Greene ’10; Kaili McLaren ’10; Paige Sauer ’92; Peggy (Walsh) Myers ’86; Svetlana Abrosimova ’01; Cassie Kerns ’09; Stacey (Wetzel) Bayley ’92; Debbie (Baer) Fiske ’92; Nicole Wolff ’06; Ashley (Valley) Woodward ’05; Maya Moore ’11; Stefanie Dolson ’14; Tina Charles ’10.

Second row, left to right: Jennifer Rizzotti ’96; Colleen Healy ’94; Brenda (Marquis) Wilson ’98 (played until 1996); Asjha Jones ’02; Maria (Conlon) Rinaldi ’04; Audrey (Epstein) Polinsky ’86; Pam (Rothfuss) Switzer ’92; Meghan (Pattyson) Culmo ’92; Mel Thomas ’08; Renee Montgomery ’09; Ann (Strother) Abromaitis ’06.

Front row, sitting and kneeling left to right: Sue Bird ’02; Diane (Poletti) Metzel ’86; Caroline Doty ’13; Kelley (Hunt) Gay ’98; Heather (Buck) Bennett ’13.

**At game, but not pictured were Rebecca Lobo ’95 (was on set with ESPN), Carla Berube ’97 (was with her DIII team, Tufts, coaching in the Final Four), Willnett Crockett ’06 (on the coaching staff at Temple), Jamelle Elliott ’96 (Head Coach at Cincinnati Women’s Basketball) and Morgan Valley ’04 (was with her Washington team that played in the Final Four).

Want to test your knowledge of former players? Instead of looking at the caption, get onto a desktop or tablet to reveal — not just names and years, but schools and current jobs.


  1. Tony R says:

    A fantastic group of ladies ( and of course Geno) who have always made us proud on and off the court. Besides super basketball talent….we’ve lead the nation in the most attractive year after year!!!

  2. bramos says:

    Gabby and Jasmine need to flip flop,

  3. Dom Mercurio says:

    Nice photo but you may want to change names between Gabby Williams and Jasmine Lister.

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