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UConn’s Department of Journalism turns 50 this year, but the history of news reportage at the University goes back to 1896, when the predecessor of today’s Daily Campus was founded. What was that newspaper called?

A: The CAC Gazette
B: The Lookout
C: Nutmeg Notes
D: The College Standard

The first-ever graduating class from the institution that became UConn had six members. What did some of them go on to do next?

A: Finish high school
B: Attend divinity school
C: Join the army
D: Enroll in graduate school

Until the end of the 1960s, what were UConn freshmen required to wear during Orientation Week?

A: Blue and white sweaters
B: Roller skates
C: Beanies
D: T-shirts emblazoned with the letter F for “Freshman”

The Connecticut General Assembly passed a law allowing women to attend what is now UConn in 1893. What year did women actually start attending class?

A: 1894
B: 1881
C: 1900
D: 1890

Jonathan the Husky has been UConn’s official mascot since 1934. Prior to the pup’s arrival, though, which animal unofficially represented the University at state fairs and agricultural gatherings?

A: Royal Otis, a bulldog
B: Flossie, a dairy cow
C: Clement, a goat
D: Dragon Jr., a horse

Jonathan the Husky in Times Square


  1. B: Initially published on a monthly basis, The Lookout became The Connecticut Campus in 1915 and finally The Daily Campus in 1984.
  2. A: Finish high school.
  3. C: The practice petered out as student life changed in the 1960s, with the 1968 charity fundraiser “Beanies for Biafra” being perhaps the last hurrah for the custom.
  4. D: Before it was technically legal, UConn President Benjamin Franklin Koons insisted women be admitted as well as men.
  5. D: A black Percheron horse was the unofficial ambassador of the school to agricultural functions and other public events.


  1. John Harwood '66 says:

    I guessed Flossie, a dairy cow, because state schools like UConn were called cow colleges. Maybe that was something derogatory I heard from a Yale graduate in the family. For myself, the agricultural origins of UConn are of great value and I always enjoyed the ice cream on campus.

  2. Barbara McDonald says:

    I love the look of the magazine and really enjoyed the Trivia .Was not around for the horse mascot but I did wear a Beanie my freshman year,1953.
    All of the other articles were great.

  3. Jill Alpert says:

    I remember being given a blue & white beanie to wear during freshman orientation in 1969.

  4. Matt says:

    My dad still has his Beanie from the 60’s. He tried to convince me that I was going to have to wear one in 1990. Glad that tradition was over. Love the Ag. part to the school. That is what makes Land Grant Colleges and Universities so great, and sets them apart from the private schools. Go Huskies!

  5. SN says:

    I recall the student newspaper being called the Comnecticut Daily Campus (CDC) in the 70’s. Loved reading it every day.

  6. Unicycle guy says:

    Holy cow! I was smoked on all five questions. What a sneaky little poll.
    When I went to UConn in recent years, we had to wear these UConn T-Shirts during freshman orientation. Talk about singling us out!!!

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