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Campaign Buttons

The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center is home to hundreds of political pins dating from 1936 to 1968. These memorabilia are part of a collection donated by Herman Wolf, who worked on the campaigns of many Connecticut politicians, including Gov. John Dempsey and Sen. Abe Ribicoff.

—Megan Krementowski

Press on the icons on top of the campaign buttons to reveal more information.


  1. Mary Sullivan Donahue says:

    Herman Wolf as well as Senators Thomas and Christopher Dodd were friends of my father, John J. Sullivan. He was the Democratic First Selectman of Fairfield, CT for twenty-four years and the man pictured on the button in your collection. It is not Charles Sullivan.

  2. Judy D says:

    Too many Democrats here; hope your collection contains some more Republican ones!

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