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When it snows at Storrs, no one works harder than the Facilities staff, which has to clear 25 miles of road, 63 miles of sidewalks, and 139 acres of parking lot. During the last winter, how much snow did they remove from campus?

A: 5,000 tons
B: 10,000 tons
C: 15,000 tons
D: 20,000 tons

Many people believe the Husky was chosen as UConn’s mascot because “UConn” sounds like the arctic “Yukon.” However, the name was actually chosen in 1934, when the school was known as Connecticut State College; it was chosen because students liked to joke that campus was as cold as the aforementioned Canadian territory. Prior to that 1934 decision, the school’s athletic teams had several nicknames. Which of these was NOT one of them?

A: The Aggies
B: The Nathan Hales
C: The Orangemen
D: The Statesmen

From 1948 to 1979, springtime at UConn meant the Campus Community Carnival, a time of building floats, playing games, and having fun in the name of raising money for charity. One of the most distinctive features of the carnival was the WHUS marathon, in which disc jockeys would play an irritating song until students called in to pledge money and have their requests played instead. What was the name of the annoying ditty that prompted so many thousands of dollars to charity?

A: The Gong-Gong Song
B: Tiptoe Through the Tulips
C: The UConn Husky Polka
D: The Chipmunk Song

Hawley Armory (seen below) currently serves as a fitness and wellness center boasting amenities from personal training to yoga classes. But when it opened for the very first time on May 28, 1915, what activity was held there?

A: A basketball game
B: Military training
C: Commencement ceremonies
D: A dance

Hawley Armory


1. C: 15,000 tons
2. B: The Nathan Hales
3. A: The Gong-Gong Song
4. D: A dance


  1. Diane Darby says:

    I bought books at Hawley. And I Guess there was was a reason my first year was the last year of what ever the gong gong song was

  2. Pat Bailey says:

    Great picture in Tom’s Trivia. Many memories! Questions, fun.

  3. Marc Seleznow says:

    In 1971 my dorm (Hartford Hall) fought off the Gong-Gong song with Blue Moon.

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